When shopping, what if you bring to your shoppers the accurate information of an item through the store professional and help your customer make the right shopping decision, the first time around, while she enjoys the time efficiency of the online experience? That’s the problem LiveSellBuy solves. Throughout Covid, so many stores closed. For the survivors, in-store foot traffic is still low and they’re being crushed by the labor shortage. The shift to e-commerce and social media shopping is key. But returns are high because shoppers can’t really be sure of an item, even with the most thorough product description, well-lit photographs and videos.

Building the LiveSellBuy technology is personal. When my aunt, a twenty year veteran of Macy’s Herald Square was among the millions of retail workers who lost jobs, we built the technology that extends the value of the store–the retail professional’s expertise. This relationship wins. Strong retailers mean jobs and a stronger tax base, which in turn strengthens neighborhoods and families.

We are a proud, BIPOC, woman-owned and woman-powered tech company. We “show up,” not because it’s a buzzword or a trending hashtag and then we go back to “business as usual.” Our business and personal values are one and the same as we create a technology that helps our retailers, staff & customers thrive, not just survive. At the core is our purpose: to unleash opportunity by redefining transactions from commercial, to human-centered.


~ Team LiveSellBuy